7 week Chess course :)

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor carlsen vs caruana 2018

Magnus Carlsen vs. Fabio Caruana, The currently number one and number two in the world are competing for the title of world Chess Champion of 2018. Carlsen will be defending his title which he obtained in 2013 by beating Anand, the years after he successfully defended his title in a rematch against Anand (2014), Karjakin (2016). Now a new challenge awaits against the American GM Fabio Caruana. Will he be able to defeat the reigning champion?

Maastricht University Chess club will be offering a chess course where we will be having a glance at the matches played. And a course explaining beginners to advanced players how to improve and gain more fun out of chess!

In this course you will be taught the beginning chess principles and we will have a look at the the current world cup and what is going on during the match!

The course will start this upcoming Tuesday, 20th of November and will last 7 weeks. For a smashing 15.40 EUR you will be able to attend the course!

For more information about the course click here

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