7 week Chess course :)

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor carlsen vs caruana 2018

Magnus Carlsen vs. Fabio Caruana, The currently number one and number two in the world are competing for the title of world Chess Champion of 2018. Carlsen will be defending his title which he obtained in 2013 by beating Anand, the years after he successfully defended his title in a rematch against Anand (2014), Karjakin (2016). Now a new challenge awaits against the American GM Fabio Caruana. Will he be able to defeat the reigning champion?

Maastricht University Chess club will be offering a chess course where we will be having a glance at the matches played. And a course explaining beginners to advanced players how to improve and gain more fun out of chess!

In this course you will be taught the beginning chess principles and we will have a look at the the current world cup and what is going on during the match!

The course will start this upcoming Tuesday, 20th of November and will last 7 weeks. For a smashing 15.40 EUR you will be able to attend the course!

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UM SPORTS, part of Maastricht University’s Student Services Centre, is the sports department of Maastricht University. It is a place where students, employees and alumni get together to work out for student-friendly prices. From Zumba and ClubPower to Ultimate Frisbee and Fencing – with more than 50 indoor- and outdoor sports to choose from, UM SPORTS offers something for everyone. All activities are offered in both English and Dutch, so everyone can join in.

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Sports Council MUSST (Maastricht Universiteit Studenten Sport Stichting) is the coordinating body for all Student Sport Associations (SSAs) in Maastricht and is governed by students for students. The council has been established indefinitely and is not driven by making profit. The main aim for the Sports Council is to promote the practice of sports by students from Maastricht University & Zuyd Hogeschool.

Sports Council MUSST supports SSAs in several ways. MUSST assists in generating new memberships and applying for subsidies to support the SSAs and students registered at the Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool who are in possession of a UM Sport membership. A Student Sport Association can join Sports Council MUSST if they meet the requirements stated in the council’s amendment. These requirements are also listed in the chapter subsidies. The Council stimulates the organization and participation of sport events.

Members of Students Sport Associations can come to the Sports Council for information regarding registrations and subsidies for any tournament, as well as general information and advice.  Non-members in possession of a UM Sport membership can also come to the MUSST for this kind of information. However, these non-members can only get subsidies for participating in (Large) National Student Championships.

MUSST is, like all student sport councils in the Netherlands, part of Studentensport Nederland (SSN). Sport teams from Maastricht University annually participate in national tournaments such as the Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap (GNSK), Studentenwintersport en de Batavierenrace with the support of MUSST.

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How to become a member

How to become a member of the Maastricht University Chess Club?

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UM students:
For UM students you will require the following membership fee Sports Incl. Basic this membership will be valid from the 1st of the month in which you start until 31st of August 2019.

The next step is to become a member of the Maastricht University Chess club also this membership will be valid until 31st of August 2019.
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Other Students:

For other students the same policy applies, except that UM membership fee sports Incl. Basic will be a little bit more

The next step is to become a member of the Maastricht University Chess club also this membership will be valid until 31st of August 2019.
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